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Get to know the editor tools

The editor is a great platform for drag & drop template editing. But to make the most out of it, you need to know which tools are at your expense:


        – Add a Text box

        – Add an Image

        – Button tool

      – Video tool

        – Shape tool

        – Date & Time widget

        – Create a scrollable container

        – Image carousel widget

        – Accordion text widget

        – Insert a PDF viewer

        – Weather forecast widget

        – Insert a media sequence

        – Insert a text sequence



The bottom toolbar

Left side: the layer family tree breakdown of the chosen object.

Right side: canvas dimensions


The top toolbar:

  – Open interactions window

  – Open animation window

  – Rotate

  – Horizontal flip

– Vertical flip

  – Alignment tool– align to the canvas or the ‘parent’ layer

  – Opacity

  – Arrange– move the object layer forward/backward

  – Paste (you can also press CTRL+V on your keyboard)

  – Copy (you can also press CTRL+C on your keyboard)

  – Delete (you can also press DLT on your keyboard)

– Undo

 – Redo

– Toggle between the desktop and mobile version

  – Preview- see how your template will look like in the web-browser or app

– History- Go back to a previous version of your template


Publish– when your template is finished

– Close

Layer Panel:

Here you can see all your template layers.

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