? special So why is it so GoMixApp is a marketing platform that lets you launch your own high-quality marketing App in no time. We offer our users with pre-designed marketing templates – All you need to do is use our drag and drop editor to create unique and modern-looking marketing apps. GoMixApp is a do-it-yourself marketing templates platform that provides you with the facility of creating digital signages, digital business cards, landing pages, presentations, and more.

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that Speaks Your Language
Take a short time to think about what sort of message you want to deliver with your digital marketing App. If your business is aimed at less web-savvy people, it's better to pick a more simplistic marketing template. And if your business attracts photographers or designers, it's best to choose a digital marketing template that showcases big & bold images.
Remember that with our drag and drop editor, you can easily customize everything, but selecting a marketing template that already captures your style will save you time & energy. You can choose from many marketing templates and designs from GoMixApp. Choosing the right and best template will ensure that your marketing campaign is tailor-made to captivate your target market.
Easy Customization
with Drag & Drop

Slide Adjust your Marketing Template using GoMixApp Drag & Drop Editor If you can’t find what you’re looking for or not quite sure which template is the best fit for you, there are always more resources available at your fingertips to help you get started.
You can always pick one of the templates and adjust it with GoMixApp drag and drop editor. Just ask yourself some questions yourself, like your target audience? & should you create a simple design or a complicated design? And let our drag and drop editor do the rest. After selecting the desired template, you can continue customizing as you'd like by editing or adding your images, texts, videos & more.

Slide Share Your Marketing
App Across All Platforms
One of the best features of using GoMixApp templates is that you can share your marketing templates across all platforms after you have finished adjusting your marketing template. You can share your created design to all digital platforms - Whether you're using Android, IOS, Android TV, or Web browser – our marketing templates are compatible with all operating system platforms. Continuous internet connection in nor required!

Slide Track Campaign Performance with an Online Dashboard Tracking your entire marketing campaign is crucial. It enables you to not only know what marketing strategies are working to bring new leads & new sales to your business or website, but it gives you details on which channels are driving more results, where to invest more, & where to stop wasting your time & money.
Basically, marketing dashboards are tools for visualizing, obtaining, & working with crucial data that reveals product sales, customer engagements, & more. This vital data often impacts decision making & results in actionable insights incorporated in a digital marketing strategy. With the GoMixApp digital marketing dashboard's help, you keep track of all of your digital marketing Apps.
We are fully integrated with “Google Analytics” & “Google Data Studio”, so you can track a wide variety of metrics & analytics. This integration allows you to visualize all the key metrics and see complete analytic reports of how your marketing content is being used, who is using it & how much time a visitor is spending.

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