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Digital Signage & Interactive Stands

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With the rising popularity of dynamic digital content, the whole business world embraces interactive & large-scaled digital signage. But what is digital signage, and how can you use it to your advantage?
GoMixApp offers a simple way to sync and affect a network of digital displays and is an effective way to engage your audience. With GoMixApp, you can choose your digital signage template, quickly customize it, and create your own interactive digital signage.

Digital Signage

GoMixApp is a web-cloud-based professional editing platform. Easily create branded content with our Drag & Drop editor. Distribute your content to all types of signage screens – AndroidTV, Android, iOS, Win10 & Web. We offer a rich gallery of pre-designed templates that you can easily adjust to your branding, and effortlessly schedule content for your screens.

What is “Digital Signage”?

Digital signage is often called electronic signage. It refers to display technologies like LED walls (or video walls), LCD monitors which display webpages, directions, videos, marketing messages, restaurant menus, images and more…
Digital signage functions great in a variety of settings – museums, public spaces, sporting arenas, retail shoes, academic buildings, corporate spaces, retail stores and restaurants – to offer marketing messages and outdoor advertising.

Interactive Digital Stands

Easily create interactive content (digital signage stands) using our Editor. Simply drag & drop pre-designed widgets and customize your content to your branding. Display your interactive content on iOS, Android or Windows Kiosk. Easy to manage – remote info update, off-line alerts, integration to Google Analytics & more..

What is an “Interactive Digital Stand”?

It’s a floor stand (digital signage stands) that allows mobility & can be used in many events and locations. It houses a screen covered by safe tempered glass and is mostly used to show multimedia content while it can be placed anywhere indoors for 24 hours of seamless operation.


Highly intuitive, a user-friendly editor which supports quick edits and synchronization. Fast content-customization and instant element addition are driven by drag and drop feature.

Usage of Digital Signage

Digital Signage can convey internal communication, provide public information, or share product information to enhance customer service, brand recognition or advertising. It is a powerful way to influence customer behavior & decision making – while also enhancing customer experiences through interactive screens – here are some ways digital signage can be used:


Digital signage displays are an excellent place to feature promotions for products, events, services & sales. Since multimedia screens use animation & video in addition to rotating graphics – advertisers can incorporate digital signage content like static ads, video testimonials, or product demonstrations. The retail setting is one of the most common places where you will see digital signage display.

Services Offerings

While fixed displays or paper menus are still common, many businesses can artistically list their offerings on digital displays. With digital signage, salons, restaurants, auto repair shops, spas & fitness studios can offer rotating information & content on windows, walls, or a dazzling digital screen.

Inspirational Quotes

Digital signage doesn’t have to be a piece of advertisement. You can entertain, inform & inspire your potential customers with content featuring famous quotes. With the help of inspirational quotes, you can make your digital signage a bit more engaging – which will lift your visitor’s moods. Places like gyms, health & wellness establishments & open offices can leverage inspirational quotes to boost productivity & create a welcoming environment.

Interactive Forms and Games

Digital screens are not only restricted to walls for displaying certain information, but they also can be interacted with. With interactive digital signage, users can adjust templates and content, play games & even subscribe to email newsletters. In this way, you will collect key information from your guests.

Social Media Streams and News

Bring the whole online world into the office with social media integrated digital signage. Sync the screens with your Twitter, Facebook & Instagram feeds & skillfully curate hashtag mentions to propel your brand into the real world.

Company Memos for Recognition

Rather than mailing paper memos or emails, you can share all updates with the help of digital screens mounted in employee areas, including break-rooms & lounges. It’s not only efficient & quick but can improve communication & workspace morale. As compared to text-heavy documents, people are likely to pay more attention to visual-based and engaging content.

Digital Signage Tutorial

Why should you care about Digital Signage?

To make it in the fast-paced, digitized world of today, companies whether big or small need to make an effort for these two:

1. Sell more products
2. Increase employee productivity

Effective and proper use of digital signage can help achieve both goals. Digital signage doesn’t have to be overly difficult or complicated to manage, and since it’s more accessible & affordable than ever, even smaller companies and organizations with limited staff or resources can also use it to their advantage. With each new step in the digital signage field, the level is raised, producing more secure, stable and versatile solutions. Open-source technology and platform-agnostic solutions mean that more and more businesses can set up digital signs.

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How to pick a Digital Signage solution?

If you are interested in implementing digital signage, there here are some questions to consider:

How many screens do you want to place?

What sort of template you like, and how you‘ll be customizing it?

What is your budget?

When you are ready to get started, there are some topics you need to verify:

Hardware: This includes mounts, display screens, wiring, and other supportive items.

Software: make sure your screen supports one of the following: AndroidTV, Android, iOS or Win10.

Network: How your digital signage will connect to your other systems, like WiFi or hard lines.

Digital Content: This includes what you will be showing on your screens- choosing a template and  adjusting it to your needs.

It’s recommended that digital signage display projects be planned & executed by professionals, especially if your project has a detailed scope. Of course, we will go through the process with you hand in hand, suggest the right technology and ensure proper setup.

Track campaign performance with an online dashboard

Control and view your campaign statistics in an online and simple dashboard.

Why you should choose GoMixApp?

Beyond selecting the right hardware, like perfect display screens & mounting systems, it’s also essential to use a proper editor to customize digital signage templates. GoMixApp digital signage editor is one of the easiest tools that you can use to create a digital signage.

Digital signage has various benefits; digital signage solutions are cost-efficient, more informative, and more engaging. If you have been exploring ways to kickstart your marketing message, stand out in any space, or energize your team, then think of digital signage.