Digital Business Card

Create your own striking Digital Business Card

Digital business cards are on the rise. As the need for online networking, remote work & virtual events increases so does the demand for a virtual way to share contact information. These are a great way to showcase your personality and make a quick statement about who you are and what you represent.

How Do GoMixApp Digital Business Cards Work?

GoMixApp digital business cards are completely customizable. By using GoMixApp digital business card, you will be able to create & personalize your first digital business card. You can use as many digital business cards as you’d like, with different information on each card. Easily make a card for your work contacts, friends, clients or customers.

Contactless Digital Business Cards

GoMixApp business cards are completely germ-free – no physical contact is needed to send or receive the digital business card. Digital cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere – simply show your QR code, send it by email, WhatsApp, social media, text or with an NFC sticker.

Customize your Cards with GoMixApp

GoMixApp goes beyond the basic contact information you see on other business card making apps or sites. Include your preferred name, pronouns & any other accreditations in your digital business card. Add & choose a picture of yourself, so people can recognize you, add a live video or photo to bring your card to life. Include your company logo, social media accounts and more… 

Professional design, responsive to various resolutions, immediate sharing, contact information and more.

No need for technical or graphic knowledge,
you will receive a professional card.

Digital Business Card Tutorial

How to Create Your Digital Business Card with GoMixApp

Slide CHOOSE A TEMPLATE Go to and create your free account. Create “New Application” and select your favorite business card template from the options. After selecting the template, you can preview it and edit. Step 1 Slide Add images, contact info, videos and links & anything else you would like included in your digital business card. GoMixApp allows you to customize your card to create the perfect one for your specific needs. CUSTOMIZE YOUR BUSINESS CARD Step 2 Slide Your new digital card is ready! You can preview it, and once you are satisfied with the result, you can purchase it and share instantly: go to “Services” -> “Public Sharing”, and create a sharable link to your card. SHARE YOUR BUSINESS CARD Step 3


Save to contacts

A green solution

Immediate update

Photo gallery

Control panel

Doesn’t get lost

Custom design

Easy card sharing

Adaptive to all devices

All of your contact information

Benefits of Digital Business Cards

There are many reasons why virtual business cards are the way to go. Some of the benefits:


As long as you have access to your computer or phone, you'll always have your digital business cards at hand. Because everything is electronic, you will never need to worry if your card supply is low and you need to order more. Digital business cards are also extremely flexible. Digital cards allow you to edit your cards at any time, so they’re always up-to-date with your latest contact information.


Let’s be straightforward – paper business cards aren’t the most climate-friendly and environmentally conscious way to exchange your contact information. Did you know that about 90% of business cards are thrown away within seven days of receiving them? Talk about wasted paper! If everyone shifted from paper to electronic cards, about 7 million trees would be saved each year.


Digital cards are often more affordable than their paper equivalents. There's no need to pay hundreds of dollars a year on paper cards that are going to be thrown away almost immediately – save that money & reallocate it to another aspect of your business, such as your marketing budget.


With virtual events & online meetings becoming the new standard, virtual cards are becoming a staple of everyday life. Digital cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere – you just need to send the link over email, social media, or text. During a zoom video call, you can hold up your QR code, and anyone can scan your code & will have instant access to your card.

Seamless Follow-ups

When you receive a paper card, what do you do with it? Most people will put it in their wallet or purse, where it's forgotten & when found, almost immediately thrown out. When you share a digital card, it doesn't get lost in the array of old receipts, hair ties, and gum wrappers. Digital business cards go straight into the receiver's inbox, so your new contact can efficiently integrate it into their workflow. Virtual business cards make following up more efficient, structured and easy, which result in fostering stronger connections.

Share your card using
an NFC sticker

the card will be opened automatically

Exchanging information with your contacts & making new connections via Digital Business Cards will not only save both you & your new connection time & energy, but it will also prevent your personal information from ending up in the trash, since they are cost-effective & you do not need to worry about losing your business card. Digital Cards have amazing features, and they have indeed given a modern approach to networking.