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Do you have new & astonishing ideas for your brand’s next marketing campaign,
yet don’t know how to execute them in a digital landscape?

Then GoMixApp is here to help you.
GoMixApp helps you create high quality, fast & cheap marketing apps without writing a single line of code.
With the help of drag & drop editor, you can create your desired digital campaign design.
An effective campaign requires a great deal of time, planning & patience,
And if you have never run a marketing campaign before, it can be challenging to understand all of the working parts.

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When it comes to building and designing your marketing campaign template, every detail needs to feel just right for you and your business. From the layout to the text, every detail should express your unique personality. But you don’t have to create the whole thing from scratch. GoMixApp offers thousands of templates in a variety of styles to give you a great starting point.

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template A marketing template is a pre-designed layout that includes everything you’ll need for your next marketing campaign. After choosing the right template for your business, you can customize from the font to the images. You can use our online drag and drop editor to customize your marketing template.

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After choosing and customizing your marketing template, it’s time to share your campaign. You can share your marketing campaign on all platforms – Android, Android TV, IOS or browser. GoMixApp templates are compatible with all platforms.

The Power to Design Professional Marketing Apps at Your Fingertips

Build and Launch your digital campaign apps with our easy-to-use, fully customizable templates, designed to flatter your business and help you reach your marketing goals. All this with no coding required.
As one of the best no-code platforms, GoMixApp, democratizes applications design & development as it lets everyone create their own, no matter their technical abbilities & budget restrictions.
Explore the advantages of GoMixApp and give your business an edge over others.GoMixApp provides you drag and drop features for creating digital marketing campaigns, which means your digital campaign is ready to go live in just a few minutes.

What is a Marketing Campaign?

A marketing campaign is an organized, strategized effort to promote a specific business goal, like raising awareness to a new product. It reaches customers in several ways and involves multiple forms of media, from television and print advertising to social media- pay-per-click. Keep in mind that profitable marketing campaigns are focused on a single goal or idea and follow a consistent theme.
Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a humble startup company, efficient digital marketing campaigns can function as essential road maps for all companies. By establishing & developing clear marketing campaigns, you can promote your businesses, reach out to the right people and allocate resources properly, all while protecting your brand reputation.

Why You Must Launch a Marketing Campaign with GoMixApp?

The GoMixApp template editor has multiple features that you can use to create marketing campaigns adjusted to your requirements. Some top reasons to choose GoMixApp for your next digital marketing campaign.

   Make your marketing apps for free with the GoMixApp drag & drop editor.

   No need for technical knowledge to build marketing apps using GoMixApp.

   Start your marketing campaign within a few minutes.

   Publish your marketing apps on Android, IOS, Android TV, Windows 10, or an internet browser.

Tips for Making an Effective Marketing Campaignninecasino

Know Your Target Market

Never start your marketing campaign without fully understanding your target audience! Before taking any step with regards to your campaign, research your target market first.

Experiment with Images & Typography

If you want to use a cute picture but wish to include other elements or mood, play around with different overlays & filters. Typography is one of the crucial factors that can improve your marketing campaign. With varying font styles, the same text statement would have a whole new different look.

Use Widgets

Widgets are the elements that you see on websites, often at sidebars. Apart from being functional, widgets can help you achieve a visually appealing design & save more space. Make the elements on your digital marketing campaign look more attractive by using some widgets.

Customize Your Business Landing Page

In digital marketing, landing pages are standalone web pages, made specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Basically, a visitor “lands” on this specific page right after he clicks on a link, email, or ads from Bing, Google, Yahoo, or social media profiles. Every landing page must be eye-catching, informative & well-organized.

Use Design Banners in Your Offline & Online Campaigns

Banners are essential factors of the advertising process & can be used both in offline & online campaigns. If you want to include banners on your site, make sure it aligns well with your brand personality. In this way, you can use it to spread information about your unique offerings & products. Moving elements usually draw more attention than images. That’s the reason why you need to make use of animated banners.

Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms

If you want to gain a strong online presence quickly, the fastest way is to hold social media power. Building up your social media accounts is a great and effective way to advertise to previous & new customers. By doing so, you can establish a handy relationship with them, and soon, that relationship can lead to brand loyalty.
Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a skilled graphic designer to post compelling images on social media platforms frequently. You need to login to GoMixApp and choose a pre-made marketing template and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
If you’re the owner of a small-scale to medium-sized enterprise & are looking to create a marketing app for your business, do consider GoMixApp. It allows you to create customized digital marketing apps for your small business without any coding.

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