GoMixApp Marketing Privacy Policy

As “The Network and Beyond LTD” (“Company”) respects the privacy of the users of GoMixApp Marketing (“GMA”). Therefore, the Company has published its GMA Privacy Policy (“Policy”) and undertakes to comply with this policy.
Note that the Policy is an integral part of the GMA Terms of Use (“Terms”) and that your acceptance of the Terms means that you unconditionally accept this Policy as well, and that you shall take any necessary steps to comply with the Policy.
This policy shall be a binding policy of the Company, Domain Owners and End Users of GMA as stated below.

1. Definitions
The definitions of this policy shall be as stated in the Terms of Use document.

2. General
If you are a Domain Owner – you should fully comply with this Policy. Moreover, you should monitor and supervise the compliance of this policy by Your Domain Participants and End Users, and you should publish your own contact information, that will be used for the reporting of any violation that might be made by you and\or by Domain Participants and\or Your End Users.
Note that you shall fully bear any consequences of actions made by you, your Domain Participants and Your End Users, who uses GMA while violating this Policy or any applicable law (“Policy Violation”), and you shall also be responsible to compensate the Company for any loss or damage, if such Policy Violation shall occur.

If you are an End User – you should fully comply with any relevant parts of this Policy. Note that you shall fully bear any consequences of the actions which made by you, by using GMA while violating this Policy or any applicable law, and that you shall also have to compensate the Company for any loss or damage if such Policy Violation shall occur.

3. Data Collection
By your Acceptance, you give your approval for the aggregation of some information that is required for the proper operating of the GMA and for enhancing your enjoyment of it. Some of the information you provide will identify you personally: your name, age, address, payment method, e-mail address, the passwords you have chosen for use in the GMA, etc. (“Registration Data”).

In addition, there is some other information which may be aggregated about you during your use of GMA. For example, your profession, your interests, advertisements you read, the pages you view, your IP address, etc. (“Other Data”).

Additional data that may be aggregated about you, by the Domain Owners, is the Domain End Users Data which includes all the gathered information of End Users, while the use of a specific Domain (“Domain End Users Data”).

4. Data accessibility
By your Acceptance, you give an approval for the aggregation and access to each kind of data:
• The Company may access to any kind of data: Registration Data and Other Data and Domain End Users Data (“Data Base”)
• The Domain User and his Domain Participants may access your Registration Data and Domain End Users Data.

5. The Database
The Company and each of the Domain Owners shall have its own data base that will be used for the aggregation of data. Moreover, The Company and each of the Domain Owners shall have its own full diverse responsibilities for: (1) all aspects of this Policy and (2) for its own data collection and (3) its own database security measures and (4) the use of the data which has come to its disposal.

6. Use of Information
The use of any collected data by The Company and each of the Domain Owners, shall be only in accordance with this Policy and in accordance with the provisions of any applicable law.
However, it is clarified that the Company is responsible only for its use of any data and have No reasonability for any use of data, which is made by Domain Owners.

The aggregated data may be used for one or more of these purposes:
• A suggestion to use other services of the Company and\or GMA and\or the Domain Owner.
• Improve and enrich and/or cancel the services and content that is offered by GMA.
• for a better matching of shown ads in the GMA.

Neither one of the Company and each of the Domain Owners may disclose the data that came to its disposal, during the use of GMA, to any third party without the positive consent of whom that disclosed the data originally. This kind of consent may be asked and granted while the use of GMA.

However, statistical information about the Domain Owners and End Users activities in the GMA may be disclosed by the Company only. It is clarified that disclosed statistical information to a third party shall not identify a Domain Owner or a End User personally.

7. Direct Notification
The Company may periodically send you some information about its services, policies and some marketing information. The direct Notification shall be sent to you via e-mail and\or a Push notification on your mobile.

8. Providing Information to a Third Party
The Company will not transfer to any third party your personal information as described in this Policy.
Nevertheless, the Company may disclose information about you for the following reasons:
• In the event of a legal dispute between you and the Company;
• If you will perform an illegal action while using GMA;
• If a judicial order shall instruct the Company to disclose information about you.
• If the Company shall be sold or transferred to another ownership.

9. Cookies
The GMA uses “cookies” for its proper and ongoing activities, including collecting GMA usage statistics, verifying details, doing adjustments of your personal preferences, for security information purposes etc.

10. Advertisements by Third Parties
The Company allows other companies to use GMA for advertising. The ads you watch during the use of GMA will come from the computers of those other companies. For the managing of their advertisements, these companies may put some cookies on your mobile (“Cookies”). The Cookies allow them to gather information about the sites you’ve viewed while clicking their advertisements.

11. Data Security
The Company implements state-of-the-art information security systems and procedures. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized penetration, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, the Company does not guarantee that its services will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein.
It is clarified that as stated earlier, the Domain Owners shall be solely responsible to secure their Data and shall be solely responsible for any leak of data out of their own database.

12. Right to review information
According to some regulations, any person may request to review the information about him, which is held by others, and even demand that the information will be deleted. A person who wishes to obtain the gathered information about him, from the Company and\or has examined the information about him and found that it is incorrect, incomplete, not clear or not up-to-date, may contact the Company and request to correct or delete this information.
It is hereby clarified that the responsibility for complying with the provisions of this paragraph is an integral part of the Domain Owner’s responsibilities. Moreover, it is clarified that if it will come to the Company intention that a Domain Owner fail to comply with this responsibility, the Company may take the necessary actions, instead of the Domain Owner, without any farther notice.

In order to comply with this paragraph, the Domain Owners will publish his contact details and shall be reasonably available to the End Users.

Such a request should be addressed to: E-mail: [email protected], Postal Address: Shderot Ben Gurion 6, Haifa, Israel; Phone: +972-4-6778811.

13. Updates
The Company reserves any right, to update this Policy (“Update”), for any reason and without giving any advanced notice thereof. In the event of an Update, The Company shall notify you by e-mail and/or by sending a push message to your mobile and/or via a notice letter on the Company website. Note, that your Acceptance releases the Company from any claim or demand arising or caused by an Update event.

14. The scope of responsibilities of this Privacy Policy
The Company is responsible for its full compliance with this Policy. The Company also requires all Domain Owners and End Users to comply with this Policy. However, the Company is not responsible for the implementation of this Policy by the Domain Owners and Domain Participants and End Users and does not implement any tests and/or enforcement on them.

Any claims and/or demands regarding the Domain Owners or Domain Participants or End Users Privacy Policy behavior should be addressed directly to the Domain Owners. Moreover, the Company has no responsibility for the Policy implementation by the Domain Owners or Domain Participants or End Users and shall not compensate you in any case of a Privacy Policy violation which is made by them.